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The fiber internet
south west Arkansas
businesses need to thrive!

Unlimited, super-fast business internet only

$99.95/ month


Transforming businesses in
Southwest Arkansas with FIBER INTERNET

Transforming businesses in<br>Southwest Arkansas with

Four States Fiber's fiber-to-the-business network will give businesses in your area the tools they need to be productive and efficient.

Delivering the fastest internet available, our fiber-to-the-business network comes with the high level of support and service you would expect from your local cooperative.

  • No contracts
  • Local support when you need it
  • Super-fast uploads and downloads

Embrace a world of opportunity from the comfort of your home with fiber internet.

Working from home

Working from home

Online Education

Online Education

Access to eHealthcare

Access to eHealthcare

Better access to<br />
online services

Better access to
online services

How fast we talking? We're talking super-fast at all times!

Compare traditional
high-speed internet to fiber!

Dsl / Wireless / Satellite
3 Mbps
Internet Speed
25 Mbps
Four States
Fiber Speed
Up to 1000 Mbps (Gigabit)
Download 100 photos 14 min 42 sec 1 min 48 sec 2.8 sec
Download HD Movie 4 hrs 48 min 34 min 24 sec 54.3 sec
Download 50 songs 8 min 12 sec 1 min 1.5 sec
Download Online Game 39 hrs 48 min 4 hrs 48 min 7 min 30 sec

Your local cooperative will provide the
service and support your business deserves.

Your local cooperative will provide the</br>service and support your business deserves.

Personal fiber internet

Get in touch to find out more and embrace a world of opportunities.

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