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Fiber internet for your home

The future is here!

Explore our fiber internet packages.

Fiber internet packages that work for you.
Choose from 100 Mbps to super-fast 1 Gigabit speeds.

Unlimited Data • No Contracts • Free Installation

Step 1: Select your speed

Ultimate Smart Home

Ultimate Smart Home

$79.95 / month
Up to 1,000 Mbps of Symmetrical Speed

The ultimate internet experience!

Ultimate Smart Home
Smart Plus

Smart Plus

$64.95 / month
Up to 250 Mbps of Symmetrical Speed

Smart Plus
Smart Essentials

Smart Essentials

$49.95 / month
Up to 100 Mbps of Symmetrical Speed

Smart Essentials

Step 2: Select your Wi-Fi - Controlled using the SmartNet WiFi app

Ultimate Wi-Fi

Ultimate Wi-Fi

$12.95 / month

The ultimate Wi-Fi experience!

Ultimate Wi-Fi
Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi

$9.95 / month

Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi

Ultimate Wi-Fi

Create profiles for People

Name and add an image for people

Add/remove devices for each person

Manually turn a profile on/off

Schedule offline times - all day

Schedule offline times by an individual day

Filter content by category


Filter content by age group


Filter content by application (allow or block)


Filter content by website (allow or block)


View approximate usage per profile


Receive notifications


Add time limit to application per day


Enable/disable Safe Search


Enable/disable Youtube restriction


Content filter VPN/Proxy


"Set My Priorities for devices and usage type

(work, video & music, streaming, etc)"


Helping Southwest Arkansas to thrive!

Helping Southwest Arkansas to thrive!

Electric co-ops have long played a vital role in bringing core services to rural communities. In the 1930s, the electric coops made electricity accessible, and now we’re proud to be bringing the latest internet technology to Southwest Arkansas.

Super-fast, fiber internet technology will give our residents access to a whole host of opportunities, including working and learning at home, telemedicine, and entertainment. 

Using strong, flexible fiber-optic lines, our network is reliable and delivered straight into your home.

Four State Fiber Guarantees 

  • The latest technology
  • Contract-free services
  • World-class service
  • Transparent pricing
  • On-going, local support
  • SmartHub App
  • SmartNet App

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