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Our support line will help with whatever you need!
Is it unlimited data? Can I stream with it?

Yes, it will be unlimited data. We know you have enough to worry about without being concerned about any data limits so take this one off your list! Absolutely, you can stream with our service, and if it makes your life more enjoyable to do so, we recommend it!

Does it include TV service?

No. Four States Fiber will not offer video (TV) service at this time but will consider it as we progress through the project and evaluate the member demand.

Does it include phone service?

Yes. Fiber technology allows for VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone service. You will be able to sign up for phone service at the same time you sign up for fiber service.

What about terms and fees?

We are finalizing our terms and conditions, and total pricing structure, including fees. Just as we want to keep it simple and easy for billing, we want to keep the terms and fees simple and easy too!

Can I get bundled billing with my electric?

The goal is to have fiber services and electric services on one bill but the integration takes time to fully implement and integrate.  We are currently working through the regulations surrounding the telecommunications industry and exploring options to determine the best route for billing. Keeping it as simple and easy as possible for our members is our primary goal when it comes to billing. 

How long will it be before I get fiber?

We will be working as quickly as possible to build-out a fiber network that has connectivity across our entire system. The entire project will take 5-7 years to complete.