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Four States Fiber Means Business (Opportunities)

Local Trucking Company No Longer Lagging with Internet Thanks to Four States Fiber

Leigh Ann Wilson, owner of LJT Transport Inc. in Nashville, wasn’t waiting around when it came to a new option for better internet connectivity in her community. LJT Transport was one of the first customers to sign up when Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative and its fiber subsidiary, Four States Fiber, launched in 2021. “It’s been a lifesaver for me and my company. It really has been a blessing,” she said.

“When I bought this place two years ago, I thought I was going to have internet accessibility. I did not. I thought ‘Are you kidding me? I just bought this property and can’t use it?’” Wilson recalled. “If you have satellite internet service and it’s cloudy … Boom. Internet gone. It’s a joke.”

The issue of reliable internet access and its impact on local business is a common complaint in our community. LJT Transport’s daily operations – invoicing, dispatching, and logistics to manage 45 trucks and several employees – are all powered by the internet.

“Before I had Four States Fiber, internet service was a big-time burden. With our previous provider, we throttled down all the time,” Wilson said. (Throttling is the intentional slowing of internet service due to network delays or data demands.) “I only had 20 GB worth of data for our satellite plan and we would use that up in less than a week.  Most months we would use 90 GB of data. We had to use an extra four cell service hot spots just to keep us from throttling down. The cost alone was $600.”

Now things are different. Four States Fiber connected LJT Transport in November 2021, and the local business has been an early champion of the capability for fiber to change the face of business in rural Arkansas.

Wilson’s initial reaction to Four States Fiber internet was classic: “Oh my gosh! It’s so fast!” There has been no throttling of speed or disruption to service for any of her employees with fiber internet, she said. “Whether it be my dispatcher or administrative assistants, service is just extremely fast and nice to have for our business.”

“Southwest Arkansas Electric has always been committed to the communities we serve. Bringing fiber to the premises for our local stores and services like LJT Transport is an opportunity to transform these communities and to give our business owners new prospects for growth and development,” said Dion Cooper, President and CEO. “The power of fiber to improve productivity and streamline operations has an impact on every cooperative member, but the collective power for economic development throughout our region created by access to lightning-fast internet is truly life-changing. We are committed to helping our businesses grow.”

Southwest Arkansas Electric want your business to thrive, which is why our members enjoy fair rates, no contracts, and amazing service and support – all from a local provider you can trust. There are no data caps or bandwidth throttling with our fiber service.

If you are ready for fiber to your home or business, check availability for service and find out when we will be connecting customers in your area by completing the form at If we aren’t in your area just yet, don’t be discouraged – fiber is worth the wait, and Southwest Arkansas Electric is committed to bringing access to all the homes and businesses in our service territory.

Every business owner knows the value of partnership, and we are proud to partner at the local level to help bridge the digital divide. Make sure you are following “Four States Fiber” on Facebook for all the latest project updates and milestones.

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